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Universal inside spring vice


Product information

  • Compact HAZET design enables spring replacement with remarkable time savings
  • Universal application on almost all passenger cars
  • Inner spring vice: spindle ∙ drive nut ∙ pressure sleeve with anti-rotation device
  • Anti-rotation device for lower tensioning jaws integrated in the base component reduces the outer ⌀ to only 32 mm thanks to compact design
  • Pendulum hexagonal head for equal force distribution with integrated anti-rotation protection for upper tensioning jaws
  • One-sided counterholder for the spindle made possible by hexagon on top, e.g. with combination wrench HAZET 600N-13
  • Removal and installation of springs with small coil spacing, e.g. for the MINI Cooper S (third generation) ∙ VW Passat (B8)
  • Extension of the span to 120 mm and an increase of the maximum load for increasing vehicle weights (electric and hybrid vehicles), for safe working up to 31,000 N → Tested with at least four-fold safety against breakage (GS mark of tested safety)
  • 17° angular movement of the tensioning jaws now ensures removal of C-shaped (bent) springs, e.g. on the AUDI A4 (B9) ∙ VW Golf 7
  • Internal and external guidance of the tensioning jaws prevents the spring from sliding out
  • All tensioning jaws included, reusable, replaceable plastic protective pads
  • Tested on vehicles of the following manufacturers:


  • Easy handling for just one user
  • Eliminates time-consuming work associated with most spring removal:
    • Removal of axle parts unnecessary
    • Axle alignment no longer necessary
    • Removal and installation possible in just a few minutes on each side
  • Made in Germany



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