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New 762 series grip pliers wrenches

Multifunctional tools are a blessing - or a curse - in many trade situations. After all, the right tool must be suitable for the application in question.
For everything with corners and edges up to a clamping range of 56 mm, the Remscheid-based tool manufacturer HAZET has developed and produced quality products "Made in Germany" with the 762 grip pliers wrench series!
If a union nut or hexagonal screw connection needs to be loosened or tightened, the new compact and highly resilient HAZET 762 series grip pliers wrenches are ideal. They can also be used to operate square profiles or any flat materials easily and without causing damage. Four different versions in lengths of 125, 150, 180 and 260 mm and clamping ranges of 0 - 56 mm allow accurate and safe working without slipping or damaging the material. Grip pliers wrenches are used in particular in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning sector. However, they can of course also be used for all work on e.g. chrome-plated, high-quality surfaces.
Thanks to the practical quick adjustment using the proven HAZET tip/step lever function, one-handed adjustment is possible using the up to 20 finely tuned locking positions. This makes it easy to set any wrench size in the respective clamping range. Thanks to the permanent, laser-marked scale, the selected setting is easy to read at all times.
The chrome-plated pliers legs offer high corrosion resistance and are easy to clean. The case-hardened chrome vanadium steel ensures a high loading capacity. The double dip coating on the grippers ensures a pleasant palpable feel in the hand and excellent grip during application.
For working on sensitive materials, optional plastic protective jaw sets with 3 pairs each are available suitable for the two larger versions of the 762-18 and 762-26 grip pliers wrench.

Product details

- Compact and heavy-duty at the same time
- Available in four different lengths: 260 ∙ 180 ∙ 150 ∙ 125 mm
- Convenient - thanks to quick adjustment with proven HAZET tip/step lever function
- One-hand presetting possible
- Permanent laser-marked scaling for easy adjustment and reading
- High corrosion resistance thanks to chrome-plated, easy-to-clean pliers legs
- Heavy-duty pliers legs made from case-hardened chrome vanadium steel
- Pleasant feel thanks to double dip coating - feels good in the hand!
- Fine ratchet allows any wrench size in the clamping range
- Nail and wire holder function

762-12: Length 125 mm, ratchet spacing 2 mm, 12 ratchet positions, 26 mm clamping range
762-15: Length 150 mm, locking distance 2 mm, 15 locking positions, 33 mm clamping range
762-18: Length 180 mm, locking distance 2 mm, 19 locking positions, 42 mm clamping range
762-26: Length 260 mm, locking distance 2.5 mm, 20 locking positions, 56 mm clamping range


The Remscheid-based company HAZET is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality hand tools, tool trolleys and equipment for professional applications. As an owner-managed German family business, HAZET has over 155 years of experience in the 5th generation in the development and production of standard and speciality tools for industry, trade and commerce, automotive and aviation technology as well as for sockets in the renewable energy sector. With a high vertical range of manufacture of over 5,500 different tools, from extractors to pliers, speciality tools for most well-known automotive manufacturers and torque tools to "Assistent" brand tool trolleys, the proportion of "Made in Germany" products manufactured in-house is extraordinarily high at approx. 75% of the entire product portfolio. HAZET employs around 600 people in four plants (three in Remscheid and one in Heinsberg).

Many of the company's products have been honoured with the "iF Design Award" and the "RedDot Design Award" as well as the HAZET brand as Best Brand and the company as a top employer for its constant innovations, good marketing concepts and a pronounced inventive spirit.
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